Upcoming exhibition:

Rossocinabro Gallery

  • March 01 through May 31 2021
  • Rome - Italy

Solo expositie

  • 2020 - 2021
  • Rectory of the William the Silent Church (Willem de Zwijger kerk)
  • Amsterdam



Naqiba Bergefurt

"When I find myself before the white canvas, I am in the nothingness, I am free. Streams in colors or forms like to be shown, as I feel. Exiting! This reminds me of the origin of life.

Step by step a dialogue develops. Inner space shows itself as boundless, always full of diversity. New impulses come continually to me and I have to choose which ones to follow and how to express them in color and form. Not from the mind but from the movements, my hands connect with my soul and make their choices intuitively.

Who I am, comes to live, communicates with what’s on the canvas, gives expression and receives again. Goes inside to receive more wonder. I am alive!"


Read the interview Luca Curci, director of Its Liquid, had with Naqiba at the Room, Venice in April 2019.

Read the interview